Graffiti Street Art: Looking for a foothold in Edmonton

5 thoughts on “Graffiti Street Art: Looking for a foothold in Edmonton”

  1. Bravo! I personally love street art in all its forms- but I recognize that I don’t represent everyone. I applaud your efforts to engage Albertans in a form of this art that could grow a greater appreciation with the average person. I would love if there was a designated area that tagging was “allowed” but I do recognize the challenges there on both sides. Thank- you for your efforts!!!


  2. Dope article! Toronto is for sure not the only spot with a legal wall though. There’s actually still an active legal wall in downtown Edmonton – it’s been active since 2007 and is hella popular, which calls into question the decision to close the other walls (the stats they quoted at the time also seem a bit suspect)


    1. Hey AJ,
      Thanks for commenting on our article. The Boyle street wall that you are referring to, 95 St. and 105 Ave, is not an official free wall that the City of Edmonton promotes. “We don’t advertise it,” Steil said. “We just let it be.” The City monitors it for offensive additions, but technically it is not legal to paint on this wall.
      As for the statistics, they were provided by the City of Edmonton’s 2015 Graffiti Audit, which looked at 20 designated areas throughout the city over the course of one year.


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